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Drilling and Hot Plugging of Pipelines. HOT TAP & LINE STOP

The carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere, due to the use of equipment and elements necessary for the operation, as well as direct emissions during the depressurization process.

The Hot Tap & Line Stop technique is a state-of-the-art technology, known as Hot Line Intervention, which allows the intervention of pipelines without stopping production and without having to take the fluid transport systems out of service, and without spilling a drop of product on the ground.

Through this technique Rhema International offers this technology reducing CO2 emissions as part of our mission and commitment to the planet and innovation. The Hot Tap & Line Stop service is a technology at the service of the environment, as a strategy of environmental sustainability, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


  • The possibilities of hydrocarbon spills are minimized due to the confinement of small pipe sections, optimizing fluid drainage, for pipe replacement or repairs, the volume to be drained is minimal.

  • Minimization of the probability of impact to surface and subway water.

  • Significant reduction of hazardous waste generation by minimizing product spills.

  • The Hot Tap & Line Stop process generates safety for workers as they are not directly exposed to fluids and spills, which avoids the possibility of an accident or fatality.

  • We can conclude that using the conventional method with the interventions (28) carried out in 2020, 4,820,249 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent would be emitted, and with the Hot Tap & Line Stop intervention that we use, we emit 48,240 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent, which represents a 97% reduction in the impact of CO2e emissions to the environment in the year.

We are committed to the safety and health of our employees and continue to contribute to the formation of habits, attitudes and values that promote healthy lifestyles.

Our HSEQ Management System promotes safe and healthy work environments by providing a framework that allows the organization to identify and control risks to reduce the potential for occupational accidents and illnesses.

We work for the physical, mental, and social well-being of our workers through the development of different strategies defined in the HSEQ Management System.



We are committed organizationally and strategically, in compliance with the standards, so we have an Integrated Management System that meets the highest standards (Quality ISO 9001: 2015, Environmental Management ISO 14001: 2015, Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001: 2007) and Guide to the system of safety, occupational health and environment for contractors RUC.

We ensure compliance with our mission, vision and institutional policies, through high quality standards in processes, translating them into excellence in products and services, always achieving customer satisfaction.

Our presence in the national territory contributes to the sustainable growth of the Colombian society, we support our work force with qualified personnel in the areas in which we carry out the different projects, favoring the creation of employment, purchases and local services.

We actively participate in the sustainable development of the country; respecting and complying with human rights and the legislation applicable to our economic activity, providing decent working conditions that favor the safety, health at work, human and professional development of our collaborators.

We continuously monitor the working and health conditions of our collaborators, providing wellbeing and a harmonious return to their homes.

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