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In 1999, RHEMA International was founded to provide Hot Tapping & Line Stop Services in the Hydrocarbon sector; ten years later in 2009, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired in different projects to venture into the development of EPC Contracts, providing solutions for Design and Engineering, Mechanical Construction, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation. Throughout 21 years RHEMA International, has established itself as a company with great experience and knowledge, services of the highest quality, implementation of Innovation, Science and Technology, ensuring the operations of each of our clients.


We work every day to generate positive impacts on our stakeholders; we do it in a conscious, honest, dynamic, efficient, safe and creative way. We are present in different regions, which allows us to know our country very well. We do things with passion and enjoy what we do with the purpose of generating development and growth in the regions where we operate.


  • Values are skills or qualities by which a natural or legal person is appreciated and distinguished, and define their conduct in society. This Code sets out the values that guide RHEMA’s actions and form the basis for decision-making.

  • These values represent the highest standards expected in the business world, and in particular in the hydrocarbon, petrochemical, energy and water industries.

  • Honesty, Responsibility and Transparency are our values. They are the parameters of all our actions from which we assume a categorical commitment with the company and with third parties.

  • These values seek to generate and maintain the trust that has distinguished us throughout our history towards our different stakeholders, understanding that it is our main asset.


Honesty is the virtue of adherence to justice and truth above personal gain or convenience.

We are honest when we are coherent, that is, when we act and speak according to what we feel or think, and not according to what is more convenient for us to do or say to others. This value commits us to be fair and reasonable, to act with integrity, to be clear and transparent in our motives for making decisions, and to constantly avoid appropriating what does not belong to us. At RHEMA we are honest in our communications as well as in our actions.


Responsibility is the obligation to take responsibility for the decisions we make and those we do not make, and the resulting consequences, bearing in mind the impact of our actions and operations on the organization, our stakeholders and the environment.

We act responsibly when we comply with and enforce the duties and prohibitions contained in the applicable constitutional, legal and regulatory framework, in addition to fully performing the roles and responsibilities assigned to us in the company. We are responsible when we commit ourselves to the company’s mission and vision and act accordingly, and when we meet the business and performance goals set. We are accountable when we make commitments to our stakeholders in accordance with our capabilities and fulfill them as agreed.


Transparency in the business environment means that the organization is willing to inform about its situation, the decisions that are made and who makes them.

In RHEMA we distinguish ourselves by the transparency of information, processes, and decision making. Likewise, by the openness and flow of the information we handle and work to make it reliable, credible, clear, complete and accessible to our stakeholders.


Throughout our trajectory we have achieved an important number of successful experiences during the execution of different types of projects. We expand our portfolio of services providing integral solutions, we are always at the forefront in the use of state-of-the-art technology. We are at the service of the energy sector in Colombia and throughout Latin America.

We have a solid digital ecosystem that together with our image is in constant iteration which allows us long-term projection and effective communication with all our stakeholders.

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