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  • PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves repair couplings can be used to permanently seal leaks caused by corrosion or third-party damage in onshore and offshore applications. These couplings are easy and safe to install and can be welded while the line is in service.

  • La abrazadera PLIDCOu00ae Smith+ClampTM se usan para localizar y sellar fugas de agujeros en ductos de alta presiu00f3n. Simplemente ponga la abrazadera Smith+Clampu2122 en la tuberu00eda, inserte el perno de ajuste en la parte inferior de la abrazadera para sujetar en su sitio y use el pasador guu00eda para hallar y guiar el cono de sellado dentro del agujero. Apriete el perno de ajuste y el tornillo de fuerza para terminar de sellar. Puede diseu00f1arse para agujeros mu00e1s grandes a pedido.




    • Can be used for temporary or permanent repairs.
    • Welds from the penetration shell to the sidebar are fully radiographed.
    • The PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve model can be welded sealed for permanent repair while the line is in service.
    • Steel GirderRings hold the seals in place and protect against displacement and damage during installation.
    • The design includes bolt-induced bending stresses.
    • The seal gland design and structure has over 60 years of proven success.
    • Wide range of seal materials in stock.
    • PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves couplings used for temporary repairs can be reconditioned and reused.
    • DOT compliant training is available.
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    • Liviano y de bajo costo.
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    • Puede encontrar fugas en ductos que pueden no ser visibles.
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    • El tornillo de fuerza requiere una fuerza mu00ednima para sellar la fuga.
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    • La presiu00f3n directa del cono sobre la fuga reduce el peligro de horadar las tuberu00edas muy corrou00eddas.
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    • Instalaciu00f3n segura y fu00e1cil.
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    Split Sleeve Installation for pipeline repairs

    Smith Clamp Install for pipeline repairs

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